The Trade Commerce Group
Is A Global Barter Network





Why Spend Cash? Trade for it!

What can you purchase with trade in our global barter network?

Items and services typically offered:
• web site design

• print design

• printing

• signs and banners

• dining

• travel

• gift items

• gift certificates

• office supplies

• office equipment

• office furniture

• art and framing

• food items

• veterinary services

• dental services

• salon services

• home improvement

• carpentry services

• plumbing services

• miscellaneous goods

   and much more!

Why Spend Cash For What You Need, When You Can Trade For It?


We have thousands of trading partners ready to trade with you
in the Southeastern United States and access to over 50,000 businesses nationwide.

Open your barter bank account today!

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Connect, Network and Trade Through The Trade Commerce Group
A global barter network!


Turn your excess inventory, empty seats, cabins, vacant rooms or condos into a viable means to save your cash.


You can use this alternative purchasing system...

* To Grow Your Business
* To Conserve Your Cash

* To Move Inventory
* To Launch A New Service
* For Travel or Vacation
* For Employee Incentives
* For Customer Appreciation
* For Alternative Financing

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so that we can show you how barter can impact your specific business or organization.

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